THE NUMBER ONE Reason Relationships Fail

I realize it’s a bold statement to say THE NUMBER ONE reason relationships fail has been located. Well, it has been located and thousands are using this information to dramatically improve their relationships.

Before I get into it, let me tell you briefly about myself. My name is Stan Dubin and I live in Clearwater, Florida.

I run a national counseling firm that sends highly-skilled counselors around the United States and Canada. We help individuals and couples improve their lives to their satisfaction.

Image2Here is a picture of my family…

On my left is my wife, Mary Ann. And that’s our daughter, Chelsea, to my right.

My wife and I have been married for 34 years. Has it been a smooth ride all the way through? No. There have been some tough spots, some very tough. But we applied the same information that is being made available to you here, and each time we did, our marriage improved dramatically.

So enough about me, let’s get on with it…

After extensively studying human relationships, L. Ron Hubbard said: “Man has learned where he has agreed upon codes of conduct or what is proper, he survives, and where he has not agreed, he doesn’t survive.”

When people get together, in a relationship or in any kind of group situation, they make certain agreements with each other.

In the workplace we usually agree to be on time, to work hard, to be as productive as possible.

In a marriage, we agree to be faithful, to be honest, to be supportive.

When people create a relationship (of any kind), agreements are essential to that relationship.

We may not put all of these agreements in writing, but they do exist.

THE NUMBER ONE Reason Relationships Fail

When we do something that “breaks” any of these agreements, we KNOW that we’ve done so. We may try to convince ourselves that “it was unavoidable” or “the other person deserved it.” It doesn’t matter. We know that we’ve done something that, in some way, has violated an agreement of the relationship.

Unhappy_marriageWhen these agreements are broken…

The communication in the relationship goes down.

Sometimes a little.

Sometimes a lot.

There are all kinds and “sizes” of broken agreements.

For example, here are two “small” broken agreements that might occur in a marriage:

The husband agrees to take out the trash every Friday night and one Friday night, he doesn’t do so.

The wife agrees to use the credit card ONLY for essential items. One day she puts $50 on the card so that she can take the son to a baseball game.

And of course there are large broken agreements. An affair would be one obvious example.

So, we’ve got different kinds and different sizes of broken agreements.


People do not just fall out of love with each other. That’s what they may say and that’s what they may feel, but factually they have both simply accumulated too many “broken agreements.”

These do not have to be of a very serious nature. But over time, they can mount up and then the following happens:

Married couples separate or get divorced.

Lovers break up.

Friendships fall apart.

Kids treat their parents poorly (and vice versa).

Any type of relationship can be destroyed when there are too many “broken agreements.”

Why am I so sure of this?

When thousands of people addressed this exact point in their relationship, things improved DRAMATICALLY.

If these broken agreements are THE problem, then what’s the solution?

When_the_thrill_is_goneAfter 25 years of helping individuals and couples, I wrote a book entitled:

When the Thrill Is Gone, How to Put the Life and Excitement Back Into Any Relationship

In this book is a very exact procedure that handles this problem of “broken agreements.”

The cost of this book is $27 and you can download it immediately and start improving things right away.

Is your marriage not doing well? Apply the information in Chapter 4 exactly the way it’s laid out, and you will feel much better about your marriage.

If your spouse also applies the information in Chapter 4, even better. But if your spouse does not, you will still feel enormously better.

Unhappy_marriage3Have you just had a big fight with your spouse?

Then go to Chapter 6. There are two simple but powerful procedures there to help defuse the fight.

Apply those procedures and you will feel much better.

Are you still upset about a previous relationship? Go to Chapter 10 and apply the two procedures there. If you follow those exactly, you will feel MUCH better. Many people have applied the two procedures in Chapter 10 and they were able to completely let go of the previous relationship and move on.

Speaking of moving on, are you looking to start a new relationship?

Chapters 11, 12 and 13 give you the information you need to make the right choice.

Are you upset with a close friend? A neighbor? A family member?

If you sit down and apply the information in Chapter 4, you will feel much better and be able to deal with the upset. Do NOT be surprised if the upset completely disappears. It happens quite often when this information is applied.

Paul Silovsky from Topeka, Kansas said the following:

“My wife and I have applied the materials in Stan Dubin’s book several times throughout our marriage and each time we were able to resolve a marital problem.

“Sometimes these problems would seem rather daunting, but having the right information made a huge difference and actually made our relationship better than ever before! Yes, we strongly recommend the book.”



Christina Panetta from Oakdale, New York had this to say:

“Restoring my relationship with Richard is the biggest win. I do know that it was meant for Richard and I to continue on our journey together.

“I just never realized how much my loss of communicating with him was impacting on other areas of my life. Thank you – thank you – thank you!!! for helping Richard and I find our way back to one another.”



And finally, from Jeannette Buckles of Palm Harbor, Florida:

“In Oct 2007, Peter and I will be married twenty years. For both of us, this is our second marriage. Using the information in the book When the Thrill Is Gone has helped us to make this marriage a true success.

“When we first got together, we loved and cared for each other tremendously. And that love and care has continued to grow to this day. It’s a real joy to be this happily married.”


So there you go.

Get started improving your important relationships!

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