Press Releases for Media Outlets

Resolutions to Help Your Marriage Succeed in 2008

Marriage Author Lists 10 Resolutions to Help Couples Succeed in 2008

Personal Campaign to Help Married Couples

Marriage Author Says Couples Can Overcome Marital Problems & Rejuvenate Their Marriages

Marriage Counseling in a Book: Does it Really Work?

Author Offers Effective Tips to Couples to Help Them Improve Their Marriage

9 Ways to Help a Marriage Over the Holidays

Marriage Author Lists 9 Ways to Overcome Marital Problems & Have a Happier Holidays

#1 Reason Couples End Up in Marriage Counseling

Author Gives Number One Reason for Marital Problems and How to Repair Them

List of 10 Alternatives to Marriage Counseling

Marriage Author Releases List of 10 Easy Ways to Overcome Marital Problems

Author Stan Dubin Releases 2nd Edition of Marriage Counseling Book

EBook Provides Tools Used Successfully by Thousands of Couples

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