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Clearwater, FL

Stan Dubin, author of “When the Thrill is Gone: How to put the Life and Excitement Back into ANY Relationship,” is conducting a personal campaign to help couples makes their marriages work.

Dubin says there is one KEY reason why relationships fail, and when couples learn this reason and how to effectively deal with it, they can bring the excitement back into their marriages. The key reason is covered in Dubin’s book.

Dubin stated “Divorce statistics are still incredibly high, and it bothers me when couples get divorced without really knowing why their marriages went sour. I talk to people whose marriages are in rough shape. They may have had some kind of marriage counseling before, but it didn’t really ‘work’ for them. Most marriage counseling sessions urge couples to ‘compromise’ with each other. But the problem with this is that compromising doesn’t really restore the love and passion to a marriage. A much better solution is to find out the real reason relationships fail. It has to do with broken agreements.”

“When people get together, either in a relationship or in any kind of group situation, they make certain agreements with each other. In the workplace we usually agree to be on time, to work hard, to be as productive as possible. In a marriage, we agree to be sexually faithful, to be honest, to be supportive. When people create a partnership (of any kind), agreements are an essential ingredient to the partnership. We may not sit down and list out all of these agreements, but these agreements are there. They may not have been put in writing, they may not even have been formally agreed upon, but they do exist. When we do something that ‘breaks’ any of these agreements, we KNOW that we’ve done so. We may try to convince ourselves that ‘it was unavoidable’ or ‘they deserved it.’ It doesn’t matter. We know that we’ve done something that, in some way, has violated an agreement of the relationship.”

“A husband and wife do not just fall out of love with each other. That’s what they may say and that’s what they may feel, but factually they have both simply accumulated too many ‘broken agreements.’ These do not have to be of a very serious nature. But over time, they can mount up and then ALL KINDS of not-so-wonderful things can happen. My book offers a practical way to solve this problem once and for all.” concluded Dubin.

Anyone wondering how to improve their marriage can do so by using Dubin’s book, "When the Thrill is Gone: How to put the Life and Excitement Back into ANY Relationship" at

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