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Clearwater, FL

Author Stan Dubin’s book “When the Thrill is Gone, How to put the Life and Excitement Back into ANY relationship&rdquo is geared towards helping couples fix their marital problems, so they can quickly and easily restore the love and excitement to their relationships. Dubin says the principles in the book have successfully been used by thousands of couples.

Although the U.S. divorce rate is dropping (2005 figures are down over 20% from 1990 levels), nearly half of all marriages today still end in divorce.

Stan Dubin stated “A good number of people have a marriage in rough shape. They may have had some kind of marriage counseling before, but it didn’t really ‘work.’ Most marriage counseling sessions urge couples to ‘compromise’ with each other. But compromising doesn’t really restore the love and passion. To be frank, compromising doesn’t even restore the enjoyment to a relationship.

“This eBook covers THE reason why relationships fail. Needless to say if you know and understand the real reason why relationships fail, then you can repair any relationship and put the life and excitement back into it. That’s the whole point of this book. Relationships are very important. They make up the fabric of our lives. They deserve exact and effective tools that work, and this eBook provides those tools. It’s great that divorce rates are falling somewhat, but far too many marriages still fail. It doesn’t have to be that way,” concluded Dubin.

Anyone wondering how to improve their marriage can do so by using Dubin’s book, "When the Thrill is Gone: How to put the Life and Excitement Back into ANY Relationship" at

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