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Clearwater, FL

Stan Dubin, author of “When the Thrill is Gone: How to put the Life and Excitement Back into ANY Relationship,” has released a list of 9 tips for couples to improve their relationships over the holiday period.

  1. Schedule time to spend with your spouse every day. This is especially important during the hectic holiday season. Have dinner together at home, or spend some time talking each day.
  2. Make it a policy that holidays are a time to spend with the family, spouse and kids.
  3. Get enough rest during this period. The Christmas season has enough stress, so if you are lacking sleep you will tend to be cranky and get into more upsets and arguments. Avoid all this by getting enough sleep.
  4. Pay attention to what types of gifts your spouse wants. It will help make their Christmas special and show you care. This doesn’t mean it has to be really expensive.
  5. Thank your spouse for all of the things that they do for you over the holidays.
  6. Make sure you share the load for the holiday logistics. Don’t dump all of the load on your spouse.
  7. Discuss your holiday budget and reach agreement with your spouse on this, before all the shopping is done. If this is not done, upsets can occur.
  8. If you spend time with your parental family over the holidays, and your spouse wants to do the same, try to work this out so both families are visited.
  9. If you have trouble getting along with your larger or extended family, communicate in advance to try to work out how to make these events go more smoothly. If this cannot be done, keep these events short.

Author Stan Dubin stated “The Christmas and New Year’s season can sometimes be a tense time for families, making any existing marital problems worse. You want to be thinking ‘how can I help my marriage over the holidays?’ These 9 tips will help people to ease the tension and holiday burdens, and come out of the season with a stronger marriage than before.”

Anyone wondering how to improve their marriage can do so by using Dubin’s book, "When the Thrill is Gone: How to put the Life and Excitement Back into ANY Relationship" at

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