When The Thrill Is Gone

How to Put the Life and Excitement Back Into ANY Relationship 

The information in the book When The Thrill Has Gone has helped thousands of couples save their marriage. It can do the same for you. 

When a person's marriage isn't going well, we hear the following:

• "We've lost the passion."

• "We fight too much."

• "Our love-making isn't what it used to be."

• "We're having serious money problems."

• "My spouse is having an affair."

All of the above are factors in a declining marriage — and some can be very painful — but they are not the reason for a declining marriage.

When The Thrill Is Gone reveals this key reason, explains it in great detail and gives an exact procedure to fix it.

You could take various steps to repair your marriage, but if this key reason is not addressed and resolved, many couples end up making compromises and are disappointed that the love and affection were not restored. 

I'm Stan Dubin, the author of When The Thrill Is Gone. On the left is a picture of me, my wife, Mary Ann, and our daughter, Chelsea. 

For over twenty years, my national counseling practice has been sending trained counselors TO couples in need of help. We have just so many counselors and there is a high demand for the kind of results we produce, so I decided to put the key materials in a book that any couple can use. 

Let's hear from two of them:

Paul Silovsky from Topeka, Kansas said:

"My wife and I have applied the materials in Stan Dubin's book several times throughout our marriage and each time we were able to resolve a marital problem.

“Sometimes these problems would seem almost unsolvable, but having the right information made a huge difference and actually made our relationship better than ever before! Yes, we strongly recommend the book."

From Christina Panetta of Oakdale, New York:

"Restoring my relationship with Richard is the biggest win. I do know that it was meant for Richard and I to continue on our journey together.

“I just never realized how much my loss of communicating with him was impacting on other areas of my life. Thank you - thank you - thank you!!! for helping Richard and I find our way back to one another."

The book is $27. It is filled with steps you and your spouse can take right away to improve your marriage. You will not be asked to make compromises. You will be given tools to restore the love and affection to your marriage.

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