Eight Ways to Increase Love and Affection

These ideas may seem “too simple” to some. But often it is the simple solutions that are the most powerful.

Get each of these ideas into your relationship on a regular basis and you will see very positive results:

  1. Give your partner a hug and/or kiss when they are not expecting it – for no particular reason except to express your love and affection.
  2. Surprise your partner by doing something you know will make him/her really happy.
  3. Mention how much you appreciated something he/she did for you. (No matter how large or small.)
  4. Openly admire something about his/her appearance.
  5. Talk to your partner about subjects and things he/she is truly interested in (even if you are not).
  6. Suggest doing some activity you know he/she would love to do.
  7. When your partner is talking to you, give him/her your full attention. When you are talking to your partner, ensure that you put YOUR full attention on getting your communication across.
  8. If you find yourselves upset with each other, remember that MORE communication, not less communication, will clear up any upset or misunderstanding.

Implementing the above ideas will strengthen any relationship and increase the love and affection.

This article was written by Stan Dubin. Additional information can be found at the blog: Marriage Success and in the book: When the Thrill Is Gone. You may republish this article in your newsletter or at your web site or blog providing the entire article is kept intact, including the contact links.

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