When The Thrill Is Gone

How to Put the Life and Excitement Back Into ANY Relationship 

The information in the book When The Thrill Has Gone has helped thousands of couples improve their marriage.

It has helped many couples save their marriage.​

It can do the same for you. 

But first things first. 

There are hundreds of books giving marriage advice.

Why should you consider THIS book?​ 

Every book I've read on this important subject fails to provide THE KEY REASON a marriage declines.

If you try to fix a radio by doing this, this and that, and the radio still doesn't work, it means you haven't found the reason the radio is broken. Locate and fix that and the radio works again!

The same is true of a marriage.

When a person's marriage isn't going well, we hear the following:

  • "We've lost the passion."
  • "We fight too much."
  • "We don't spend enough time together."
  • "I just don't feel appreciated."
  • "Our love-making isn't what it used to be."
  • "We're having really bad money problems."
  • "My spouse is having an affair!"

All of the above are factors in a declining marriage — and some are very painful — but they are not the reason for a declining marriage.

When The Thrill Is Gone reveals this key reason, explains it in great detail and gives an exact procedure to fix it.

You could take various steps to repair your marriage, but if this key reason is not addressed and resolved, many couples end up making compromises and are disappointed that the love and affection was not restored. 

I'm Stan Dubin, the author of When The Thrill Is Gone. On the left is a picture of my wife, Mary Ann, and our daughter, Chelsea. My wife and I have had a few rough patches, but using the information in this book completely turned things around for us. Chelsea is married with two kids and has a very strong marriage of her own.

Here is my recommendation: Get yourself a copy of the book and use it. ​It will brighten your marriage.

The book is $27. Click on the link below and you can start reading it within minutes!

I realize I made a big point about the book addressing the key reason for an unhappy marriage. Fortunately the book covers quite a few other areas as well. Here are a few of them:

Is the Communication Not What It Used to Be?

Or should I ask: Is the desire to communicate not what it used to be?

A marriage suffers to the degree that one or both partners is communicating less and with less affinity. If there are children—regardless of whether they show it or not—they will suffer too.

However, there's nothing gained when communication is "forced" or not freely given. You will be very pleasantly surprised how this can be improved!

unhappy couple

Are You Having Too Many Upsets?

The book has two simple procedures to address this. 

One will take the steam right out of an upset you're in the middle of.

And the other one will reduce the number of upsets from that point forward!

Do You Just Feel the Life and Love Has Left the Marriage?

If you feel you're getting up every day and just going through the motions, something needs to change.

But what? And how?

The more you apply what's inside When The Thrill Is Gone, the more you will see the life and love returning. No gimmicks, just exact tools that work.

Is There an Outside Influence?

An outside influence—despite their apparent good intentions—can have a negative impact on a marriage.

There are also times when this influence can severely damage a marriage.

The book contains a very exact procedure to address this.

Are There Fights Over Key Areas of the Marriage?

Money is a hot spot for many marriages. Is enough being made? Are there disagreements on how it's being spent?

Is one spouse spending less and less time at home?

Three chapters in When The Thrill Is Gone will help you handle these and other tough subjects. 

Are There Difficulties With the Kids?

Our children are so important to us. But when they seem out of control or difficult to communicate with, this can be very tough. 

Some parents let their kids do virtually whatever they want. Some parents try to control as much of their kids' lives as they can. Neither works very well.

Exact tools in the book will help you and your kids get along much better!

Has It Gotten to the Point Where Divorce Is Being Considered?

Here again, we come back to the key reason a marriage suffers. It is also the key reason a marriage ends.

The good news? When it is addressed fully and properly, many marriages are completely restored.

I realize that's a bold statement, but I've seen it happen over and over again. Let's hear from two couples:

Paul Silovsky from Topeka, Kansas said:

"My wife and I have applied the materials in Stan Dubin's book several times throughout our marriage and each time we were able to resolve a marital problem.

“Sometimes these problems would seem almost unsolvable, but having the right information made a huge difference and actually made our relationship better than ever before! Yes, we strongly recommend the book."

From Christina Panetta of Oakdale, New York:

"Restoring my relationship with Richard is the biggest win. I do know that it was meant for Richard and I to continue on our journey together.

“I just never realized how much my loss of communicating with him was impacting on other areas of my life. Thank you - thank you - thank you!!! for helping Richard and I find our way back to one another."

In closing, I'll repeat something I said earlier: The material in When the Thrill Is Gone has helped thousands of couples improve and even save their marriages. It can do the same for you.

The book is $27 and you can start reading it within minutes. Click on the link below.