Our Purpose

The purpose of this site is to help YOUR marriage succeed. I define a “successful marriage” in this way:

    • The husband and wife are in superb communication with each other.
    • They are able to use communication to resolve disagreements; upsets do not linger.
    • They thoroughly enjoy each other’s company and are eager to spend time with each other.
    • Both partners are creating a future together.
    • The passion and excitement is at a high level.

This site provides ideas, tools and advice to help you achieve every one of the above. And because a successful marriage depends on our children doing well, we’ll provide very useable tips to help you with the kids.

Having a successful marriage is incredibly important. Yet over 50% of all marriages end in divorce. And many married couples painfully continue on with an unhappy marriage.

Why does a marriage start out so bright, so full of hope and promise and over time lose its  passion and excitement? Do people just “fall out of love?”

These and many other questions about marriage will be answered on this blog. I realize that’s a bold statement, so let me make a suggestion: Become familiar with the tools and advice we offer here. Look over the different posts and see if they give you new insights. 

Read some of the articles and subscribe to our free weekly marriage quotes.

The information in my marriage book has helped thousands of couples improve and even save their marriage!

Having a successful marriage is VERY important.

Stan Dubin

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful resource! Just reading your articles made me feel better about my marriage. I found myself smiling and inspired to work harder at my relationship with my husband. Yet, with these new marriage tools it doesn’t seem like it will be hard at all. Your advices are so practical! I appreciate you making a difficult thing for me to face to be now something I look forward to making better. Your site is a fresh of breath air. Your book is sure to be a best-seller.
    I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

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